Complaints Policy

    General Conditions

    This Complaints handling policy (hereinafter – the Policy) determines , registration number: , legal address: (hereinafter – the Company) procedure of receipt and review of complaints, submitted to the Company by the users its provided crowdfunding services (hereinafter – accordingly – the Complaint, the User, the Services), and the procedure of responding to Complaints.

    This Policy describes the Company’s measures in facilitating fair elimination and investigation of the Complaints.

    This Policy is reviewed and amended on a regular basis at least once a year by the Company management board.

    After the respective Policy amendments are approved, its updated version is published on the Company’s website https://brics-invest.club. The amended and updated Policy version shall be in force from the moment of its publication.

    The Complaint submitted before the updated Policy version coming into force are processed in accordance with the Complaints policy version, which was in force on the day of submission of the Complaint.


    Submission of Complaints

    The Complaint may be submitted when the User is not satisfied with the Company provided Services or its activity.

    The User expressed opinion or proposal concerning improvement of the Company’s provided Services is considered as the User’s Complaint and is dealt in accordance with this Policy.

    Within the meaning of this Policy the Complaint does not constitute an application for the exercise of personal data protection rights under requirements of the (EU General Data Protection Regulation) GDPR, submission and processing of which is governed by the Company’s Privacy policy.

    The User can submit the Compliant via e-mail info@brics-invest.club or by sending it by ordinary post to the Company’s legal address.

    The Complaint shall be executed in English and shall include at least:

    - full name of the User (hereinafter – the Complainant);

    - identification data of the Complainant: a) identification number or date of birth of a natural person; b) registration number and registered address of a legal entity;

    - a full name and identification data of the Complainant’s representative;

    - an address for response to the Complaint;

    - a date of the Complaint;

    - the Complaint essence and overview of circumstances being the basis of the Complaint;

    - signature.

    The User’s representative’s rights shall be proved by the authorizing documents.

    If the representative’s rights are not proved, the Company refuses the Complaint.

    The Complaint may be submitted within two months after User has received the Company provided Services and within two weeks after the inconsistency of the Services has been detected.

    The submitted Complaint may be withdrawn at any time.


    Handling of Complaints

    After receipt of the Complaint the responsible employee of the Company starts the Complaint investigation process.

    The Compliant shall be reviewed and response provided to the Complainant within 30 days after it the Complaint has been received by the Company.

    The Company is entitled to refuse the Complaint if it is not composed in accordance with requirements of this Policy.

    If it decided to refuse the Complaint, the User is notified within 30 days form the receipt of the Complaint by the Company.

    The response to the Complaint will be sent to the address of the Complainant specified in the Complaint. If the address is not specified, the response shall be sent to the address the Complaint has been received from.


    Settlement of Disputes

    If the User is not satisfied with the response given by the Company it may settle raised disputes in accordance with legal regulation of the Republic of Estonia.


    Storage of Complaints

    The Complaints are stored in accordance with the Company’s Privacy policy and the GDPR requirements.


    Version 1. In force from the 1st of March, 2020