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    What are innovative insurance solutions

    Innovative insurance solutions are new and unique approaches to insurance that use the latest technologies and analytical methods to improve the efficiency and accuracy of insurance services.

    Such solutions may include the use of big data (big data), artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT) and other technologies for risk assessment, customer forecasting and risk management.

    Innovative insurance solutions help insurance companies improve the quality of their services, increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer service costs.


    Insurance of investment transactions on the Crowdinvesting online platform.

    A unique feature of the online platform is insurance at all stages of project development.

    Insurance, depending on the characteristics of each project, covers: property, technical failures in the operating model, risks of project management errors and financial risks of companies.

    Module - Investor:

    1. Advance insurance under the contract

    2. Insurance of the risk of theft of money from the account.

    Module - Foundation:

    1. Fund management liability insurance;

    2. Fund's professional liability insurance.

    Module - Digital platform:

    1. Cyber.

    Module - Projects:

    1. Liability insurance to 3 persons, including the commodity producer;

    2. Environmental risk insurance for infrastructure projects (if applicable);

    3. Property insurance (if applicable);

    4. Project management liability insurance;

    5. Professional liability insurance of the company implementing the project (if applicable)



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