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    Cookie File Usage Policy

    To improve the homepage https://brics-invest.club functioning the Platform uses cookie files. This Cookie File Usage Policy provides main information on cookie file usage.

    Cookie file 

    Cookie file is a small text file stored on the computer. Cookie file is generated without usage of the personal data when the homepage is visited. The homepage accesses stored cookie file when it is visited repeatedly. 

    Purpose of Cookie file usage

    Cookie file helps to process the usage of the homepage, maintain and improve it. Cookie file may be defined as an identification which tells about the relevant person has returned.

    Cookie file types

    Mandatory cookie files are used to surf on the homepage. Mandatory cookie files are stored until the homepage is closed.

    Functional cookie files are used to remember personal homepage settings. Functional cookie files are stored permanently. 

    Analytical cookie files are used to receive information on the homepage visitors, their actions, popularity. Analytical cookie files are stored permanently.

    Cookie file control

    Cookie file may be accepted, restricted, blocked or deleted by changing browser settings. More information is available at www.aboutcookies.org.

    Please note, that mandatory and functional cookie file changes effect correct displaying of homepage content and its functioning.